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I'm very glad you found my website, where I would love to introduce myself as a racing pigeon fancier to the rest of the racing pigeon world.

My name is Sead Ado Zohorovic and I'm the owner of Ado Family Loft (AFL). My relationship with pigeons started from a very early age when I was in close touch with pigeons because of my father, who also was a pigeon fancier. Most of my "pigeon life" was related to high flyer pigeons.

However, everything changed when I became more acquainted with racing pigeons back in 2010. I instantly realized that the racing pigeon is superior to any other pigeon and I decided that is the pigeon to go with.

I made my switch to racing pigeons back in 2010 and joined the Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club in Atlanta, Georgia. As a new member, I quickly collected some birds from others and I was in the game of racing pigeons. The level of excitement was high and I was ready to go!

Racing Pigeons of The Future - Today

The 2010 young bird season was my first year with this kind of pigeon and I was surprised with so many new things in this sport. I realized that I have to learn quickly if I want to be competitive. The racing season of 2010 was very rough for me mainly because I was dealing with unknown and donated pigeons, which I knew nothing about. Without a doubt, there were disappointments at times, but at the same time it motivated me to do better in the near future.

I could accept the fact that I was new with this type of pigeon, but because of the truth that I had dealt with pigeons my entire life, I was having an unpleasant time seeing my name at the bottom of the racing sheet.

I knew that I had to have better pigeons to be able to compete. I also knew that I had a loft full of pigeons from all over the place and mostly donated birds. Therefore, the quality of birds in my loft was very questionable. It was easy to tell that things had to change immediately.

In 2011, after a lot of research to find the best birds in the country, I decided to go big and contact Mike Ganus to obtain some of his best birds.

Currently, I have over 60 birds from Mike Ganus and the 2012 young bird season proved that I did the right thing. Not only did I win 1st place in five races, but also as many as the first 12 places in some races!

One of these five is out of the club win and it's the sweetest one. That win is the 1st place in America's International Challenge - One Loft Race the 300 mile race!


March 22nd, 2017

15th - Big Andys, 150 mi.

September 22, 2016

6th AVG - Crooked River Chl

February 27, 2016

22nd - Big Andys, 300 mi.

February 21, 2016

9th - Big Andys, 203 mi.

February 17, 2016

Eq 1st - Big Andys, 143 mi.


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