About Our Loft

The AFL loft dimensions are 32' long by 12' deep, with the exception of the centered part of the loft which sticks out by 4' and 8' of width.

After stepping through the entrance in that centered part area, which has dimensions of 8' wide and 10' deep, the hall serves as a storage room.

There are custom built boxes for both feed and storage cabinets. In the same place is a big sink with a water heater installed above it. Obviously, this section has a light installed, as well as the rest of the loft.

The rear part of that centered loft area belongs to the individual breeding pens. The dimensions of that room are 8' wide by 6' deep. There are 16 individual, custom built, breeding pens with dimensions of a 30" length by a 24" depth and height. The rear wall of this room has a big window installed all the way from the floor to the ceiling, so there is always plenty of day light coming in this section.

All individual breeding pens have a wire-screen floor and their own feeders and drinkers. Looking from inside the storage area to the left and right, there is a 4' wide hall going to the end of each side of the loft.

On the left are two sections for the young birds, one smaller with dimensions of 4' wide and 8' deep, and the other one is bigger, 8' by 8'. This big section has 64 V perches installed.

The smaller section contains 6 breeding boxes and 24 V perches. On the right side are the old bird sections. There are 3 different sections and they all have the same dimensions. Their dimensions are 4' wide and 8' deep and each contain 6 breeding boxes and 24 V perches. Also, each side of the loft, the young and old birds sections, have their own aviary area with dimensions of 12' wide and 4' deep.

On each side-wall of the loft, about 2' under the roof, there are power fans installed. These kinds of power fans are a great source of proper ventilation and also serve as a great way of getting the heat out. The entire loft has hardwood grill floor installed.

Loft Upgrade - 2013

In 2013, we have built a new addition to our current loft. This new part of the loft is 6 feet wide and 32 feet long, which is the full length of the loft.

Basically, this new addition of our loft is just one new attachment to the loft, where everything now still looks like one building.
The long wall of 32 feet, which looks to the outside, is completely in a screen wire. The new addition is split into two sections with a little hall area in between.

The purpose of this new addition is to have a very comfortable space for a number of our young birds and some breeders in the off season.
Because of the great amount of daylight for a maximum time and the perfect ventilation birds in this area moult incredibly quickly and smoothly!

There are about 100 perches installed in each of these two sections and plenty of room for birds to play and fly around. As in the other areas of the loft, here too we have lights and hardwood grill floor installed.

Big Loft-Upgrade 2014 - Info Coming Soon!


March 22nd, 2017

15th - Big Andys, 150 mi.

September 22, 2016

6th AVG - Crooked River Chl

February 27, 2016

22nd - Big Andys, 300 mi.

February 21, 2016

9th - Big Andys, 203 mi.

February 17, 2016

Eq 1st - Big Andys, 143 mi.


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